Monday, September 9, 2013

Work From Home Jobs for Filipino Freelancers

Several years ago, work from home jobs was unheard of. But now, many Filipinos are considering the option to work full-time at home. With stories of success from home-based freelancers who are making more money than working in the corporate office, a lot of Gen X and Y Pinoys are looking at freelance work as a potential career path. However, it can be a little challenging for fresh graduates though and scary for people who are used to working with bosses in an environment with lots of workers.

An article in ABS-CBN News reveals how a Filipina freelancer made P1.5-M in just a year in a freelance site, Elance. It's really quite inspiring. This only shows that financial success can also happen at home.

Work from home jobs and freelancing, in general, unleash your entrepreneurial spirit because you are selling yourself and your services. You build your name as a brand. You need to strategically market yourself and build your profile and portfolio. You need to prospect for potential clients and search them at the right venue. I am impressed with some Filipino freelancers who have the initiative to think out of the box, instead of just browsing well-known sites for available freelance jobs, some have the guts to communicate directly with companies and ask if they need freelance services. I haven't tried that route yet but maybe soon.

You've probably heard of big freelance marketplaces such as oDesk, Freelancers, Guru, Elance, and People Per Hour that offers jobs for freelancers worldwide. And you've probably came across with niche freelance sites as well. Please read my previous blog posts:

10 Sites to Find Writing Jobs for Filipino Freelancers

The competition could be very intimidating for those large sites. However, there are Filipino freelance work marketplace that you may might want to check and consider signing up. Competition is not so heavy but jobs can be limited. Nevertheless, I've heard that some freelancers are doing well with those smaller sites.


Some companies are also posting their requirements for home-based workers in these popular job sites:

With all the sites that post work from home jobs and freelance work opportunities, the only reason that a freelancer couldn't find a job is when he/she is not looking for one. 


  1. Work at home:
    Today most of the women like to working from home. For some families monthly turnover is only one income. So home based jobs are providing additional income for many family. Online home based jobs are economically strong for many house wives. So home based jobs is really helps many people to earn more

  2. Hi, May I just request to update the above info? is no longer allowing work-from-home ads in their website. Please update this so as not to mislead candidates. Thank you.


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