Tuesday, August 27, 2013

10 Sites to Find Writing Jobs for Filipino Freelancers

You can find freelance writing jobs from the sites I've mentioned in my previous blog post. The problem is competition can be fierce on those larger sites and pricing can be a bit of an issue especially for budding writers who are are just starting out their freelance career. However, do not limit yourselves to those sites. You can find a lot of writing opportunities in the web. By simply Googling "freelance writing gigs" you'll be surprise to see so many search results. Just be a little cautious though.

During the first 6 months of my freelance career, most of the jobs I had was blogging, article writing, and web content writing. Writing projects were overflowing. The only issue I had  was the pay. Many employers pay so low especially to freelancers who are just starting out or have English as their secondary language. I felt so stressed because I felt that the work would like to turn me into a writing machine. Me and writing didn't really work out well so, I decided to go niche in research and marketing, which I loved.

For those who are confident of their writings skills and who are willing to try freelance writing as a career, I give my encouragement to you. Pursue your dream and find fulfillment in doing what you truly love the most. If you feel that writing is what you truly love, then go for it. Just a piece of advice, find good clients who will pay you justly and not just those bunch of agencies who demand so much and pay you a dollar per article.

I listed some sites below where you can possibly find some freelance writing gigs and earn decent money:

1. Craigslist

Craigslist has section for jobs per cities. Instead of browsing Craigslist and searching the job section in every cities, I suggest you do this Google search technique: type "site:craigslist.org freelance writing job" in Google search bar. It will be showing you all the freelance writing jobs worldwide listed in the site.

2. OLX

This is one of the Philippines classified advertisement website. Same as Craigslist, it has job section that includes post from companies looking for freelance writers. You can also use the same Google search technique.

3. Ayos Dito

This is another Philippine buy and sell site that also lists freelance writing opportunities.

4. Linkedin.com

Linkedin is more than a social networking sites. Companies use the site to post their available jobs including their need for freelance writers.

6. Essays.ph

I was first introduced to this site 5 years ago. Though I have an account here, I never had the chance to explore their opportunities.

This site is an online writing community where you also get to meet other freelance writers.

7.  FWJ

Freelance Writing Jobs was purchased by Splashpress Media. The site provides helpful resources and tips for freelance writers but it also publish freelance writing job ads.

8. 4writers.net

Online freelance writing service with over 8 years of experience providing opportunities to freelance writers worldwide.

This is a research company in the international market.

This is a popular blog among bloggers and freelance writers. Site has a job board.

Provides academic and non-academic writing job opportunities to freelance writers.

These are merely 10 out of hundreds of sites and job boards that provide opportunities to Filipino freelance writers. One or two sites may get you tied up with projects already. However, when you are looking for better opportunities and if you are seeking for higher compensation, it is worth the time scouring the web to find out what's out there.

Is there any site worth mentioning? Please leave your comments below.

(Updated: February 4, 2015)


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