Friday, May 17, 2013

Positive Thinking or Gut Feeling?: A Story About Winning a 3D2N Stay in Crown Regency/Club Ultima

In today's very toxic world, we need things that keep us sane. It could be our faith in God, our principles in life, our ambitions or goals, and our loved ones. Whatever these things are, they determine our attitude towards life and on how we perceive situations. No matter how crazy or how tough things become, it is our attitude and belief that keeps us mentally and emotionally stable. We can be emotional sometimes because of the things that make us sad. That's okay, that's how we are built. We are created with emotions--we laugh, we smile, we get excited, we cry, and we get angry.

Lately, I've experience a tide of emotions. Work and business excites me but in a certain aspect of my personal life, I feel sad. However, I am not the kind of person who speaks easily and verbalize depressing things. I always believe that there are so many tormenting things in this world and verbalizing them make them worse. I would rather intentionally uplift myself with other good things that makes me happy.

Couple of weeks ago, I signed a raffle ticket from Crown Regency. Winners will enjoy a free 3-day, 2-night stay at Crown Regency either in Davao or in Cebu.

For some reason, I feel I am going to win. If there is such thing as luck, I would say that I am not lucky when it comes to raffle ticket (and maybe, love life? hahaha!). But, just for that moment, I had a very strong feeling that they are going to pick me. It was so strong that I was already imagining what it feels like.

One happy person
Last Wednesday, I got a phone call from Crown Regency. The guy on the other line was confirming some information and was asking me about my job. The funny thing he said, "You are happily married," and asked me to "bring your spouse to the dinner". Wait, wait, wait! "I am SINGLE and AVAILABLE!" He was so apologetic. Well, he should be. Anyway, to cut the story, I won!

I got the confirmation letter from the Crown Regency/Club Ultima yesterday. Yehey!

The reason why Crown Regency is doing this is to promote Club Ultima. It's a very enticing club membership that let's you experience a 5-star stay with their amazing facilities in the Philippines and their affiliated hotels in different parts of the world. They were offering a VIP program to the winning tickets.

Crown Regency Cebu, here I come!


  1. Lucky you! Congratulation:)

    1. Hi! Thank you! Yeah, I really feel so lucky :)

  2. Ay naku.... Magpa-raffle ka rin kung sino isasama mo!

    1. Mare, inoffer ko na kay rafael para mabawasan ang kanyang pagkahaggard at feeling purita :D

  3. Were you able to claim it? And how was your stay?


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