Friday, May 17, 2013

Positive Thinking or Gut Feeling?: A Story About Winning a 3D2N Stay in Crown Regency/Club Ultima

In today's very toxic world, we need things that keep us sane. It could be our faith in God, our principles in life, our ambitions or goals, and our loved ones. Whatever these things are, they determine our attitude towards life and on how we perceive situations. No matter how crazy or how tough things become, it is our attitude and belief that keeps us mentally and emotionally stable. We can be emotional sometimes because of the things that make us sad. That's okay, that's how we are built. We are created with emotions--we laugh, we smile, we get excited, we cry, and we get angry.

Lately, I've experience a tide of emotions. Work and business excites me but in a certain aspect of my personal life, I feel sad. However, I am not the kind of person who speaks easily and verbalize depressing things. I always believe that there are so many tormenting things in this world and verbalizing them make them worse. I would rather intentionally uplift myself with other good things that makes me happy.

Couple of weeks ago, I signed a raffle ticket from Crown Regency. Winners will enjoy a free 3-day, 2-night stay at Crown Regency either in Davao or in Cebu.

For some reason, I feel I am going to win. If there is such thing as luck, I would say that I am not lucky when it comes to raffle ticket (and maybe, love life? hahaha!). But, just for that moment, I had a very strong feeling that they are going to pick me. It was so strong that I was already imagining what it feels like.

One happy person
Last Wednesday, I got a phone call from Crown Regency. The guy on the other line was confirming some information and was asking me about my job. The funny thing he said, "You are happily married," and asked me to "bring your spouse to the dinner". Wait, wait, wait! "I am SINGLE and AVAILABLE!" He was so apologetic. Well, he should be. Anyway, to cut the story, I won!

I got the confirmation letter from the Crown Regency/Club Ultima yesterday. Yehey!

The reason why Crown Regency is doing this is to promote Club Ultima. It's a very enticing club membership that let's you experience a 5-star stay with their amazing facilities in the Philippines and their affiliated hotels in different parts of the world. They were offering a VIP program to the winning tickets.

Crown Regency Cebu, here I come!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Learning Time Management Part III: Planning Your Day

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We love spontaneity and surprises but if it hurts our schedule, we better rethink. For independent contractors that are juggling several responsibilities, we have to  set daily goals and manage our time properly. By having goals everyday, we become more productive and feel more fulfilled for accomplishing certain tasks at the end of the day.

Motivational speaker Brian Tracy in his The Power of Self-discipline audio, mentioned that every minute spent in planning saves 10 minutes of execution. If you don't plan, he says, you are simply reacting to what's happening. It also shows that you are less in control of what's going on.

The habit of planning your day ahead, say before you jump to bed, gives you a good night sleep. It gives you less worry of the things you need to do. This practice helps me a lot because it gives me less time trying to think what I am supposed to do. You can write your to-do list on your spiral notebook or simply save it in your mobile phone calendar like I do.

The to-do list should include all of the tasks you need to do, which could include doing your morning exercise, taking your meals, sending emails, and replying to phone calls.

Comes the following day, review your to-do list and set your priorities. Brian Tracy suggests that you assign A, B, C, D, and E to each of the tasks you have written. A, B, and C categorize the tasks. D stands for Delegate which are tasks you can assign to someone else. And, E stands for Eliminate.

As much as possible, don't do the tasks marked or listed as B if you are not done with A. And do not start tasks on C if you are not done with B.

By doing these simple things, you will be surprise that there are many things you can accomplish in a day. It makes you feel happier and fulfilling. It makes you feel you are in control and disciplined.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Qwikwire: Marketplace and Payment Service for Freelancers

Freelancers need services and tools that make us work efficiently so we can focus more on what we really do best: provide quality service to our clients. Qwikwire can assist and facilitate us freelancers in the buying and selling of our digital goods and services, which makes our life a lot easier. The site provides storage, transmission, and payment service. Here is an invitation from Qwikwire CEO and co-founder Ray Refundo:

Hello freelancers,

I am Ray Refundo , CEO and co-founder of Qwikwire. Qwikwire is a marketplace and payment service founded in Silicon Valley, CA. We’re happy to announce the launching of our beta this coming May. We are looking for 500 people who use marketplaces like oDesk and Elance to become beta testers.

You don’t need a bank account or credit card to get started. You only need access to the internet. This service will open oDesk and Elance to more people. It takes minutes to set up an account and get your money, you simply pick-up cash from one of our partners (banks and pawnshops like BDO and Cebuana) by giving them your transaction code and showing 2 valid IDs.

Just register your name and email to this link:

Here are some details:
  • When you sign-up, you get credited 10 fee-free transactions (worth $60-$72) whether you become a beta tester or not.
  • When you successfully refer someone, you will get another fee-free transaction.
  • During the 3-4 month beta period, testers will pay no fee for transactions.
  • Being a beta tester does not require you to do any more additional work other than using Qwikwire to receive your payments and reporting problems if there is one.

Beta testers will receive additional benefits like future discounts, coupons, or even travel to the United States to help the team fix the issues that come up.

The goal of the test period is to figure out what problems may arise when we do a full launch of the product this year. Here’s the catch; beta testers will have to answer a 5 simple multiple choice survey questions every two weeks. Those who have issues can also directly chat or Skype with our team.


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