Thursday, April 4, 2013

Declining an Invitation to an Interview in oDesk

Declining an invitation to an interview in oDesk feels like refusing an opportunity.  As an independent
contractor who values his/her business, we know the importance of job offer from a potential client. We hate to turn it down especially when the project perfectly matches your skills and you know you can deliver it well. On top of that, you know you will be earning more and you know that working with that client would look good in your profile.

I hate to say this, but like other busy contractors I learn to decline opportunities even job offers from existing
clients whom I have worked with in the past. We simply can not take many projects and risk the quality of our service. So, really, we have to say no sometimes.

Before, I used to ignore invitations until clients close the job or withdraw their invitation. But that is not a good practice. The best way of declining an invitation to interview, which is not new to most of us but it is something we should be reminded of, is to courteously email the potential client. Take note, declining an invitation to interview today doesn't mean you would not have the opportunity to work with him/her again. Consider them "potential clients", which could translate as your future clients. The mere fact they have offered you an interview, they see you as a potential candidate, an important part of their team, and most of all, they have noticed your profile among the heaps of profile in oDesk.

Let them know that you are currently tied up with some projects but you would be happy to consider working with them in the future, if given that opportunity and if your schedule permits. Indicate the time frame in which you will be working on your current project. Most importantly, tell them to re-connect with you after that period in case their project is still open or if they have other jobs, which you are qualified.

This little courtesy of emailing them back will do you good. They might message you in the future and get another chance for an interview.

Any suggestions or additional ideas? Feel free to leave your comments.

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