Saturday, March 9, 2013

Two Years In Freelancing And Counting

It is my second year anniversary as an independent contractor. Yey!

Leaving the corporate world two years ago was among the greatest accomplishment I made in my life considering that majority of the people I knew finds comfort and are pretty successful working in a corporation. Certain things do not work for everyone. Sometimes, you really have to know what you really want, pursue your desire and learn to let go of the things that are not working and helping you as a person.  There came to a point in my life that waking up and going to work did not make sense. I was just like a working dummy or zombie.  I simply could not bear that feeling. I needed a radical change.  And I did.

As a freelancer I realize my self-worth. I feel fulfilled. I feel the adrenaline rush. I  feel my creativity working. Being my own boss empowers me. I feel I am in direct control of my life. These may not be true to others, but for me, I am simply happy to where my life is going. Every now and then, I check my goals and it makes me smile to know that I am doing great and I am on track. I am excited for my future. And it get me more excited every time business opportunity comes in because it makes me realize that I am attracting positivity and I am aligning myself to the law of this universe.

In a span of two years, I've learned my weaknesses. I have learned that writing as a profession is tough and I still have to work on my skill if I want to be competitive. But,  in this second year, I also celebrate my strength. I learned where to focus my skills and energy.

I am so thankful that I live in this era where internet exist, Google is one of our closest friends, SEO and SEM are essential, and social media is like an oxygen. A lot of jobs are available because of these.

And I am thankful for oDesk for incessantly giving me projects and keeping me busy all the time. 

For other freelancers reading this, let me congratulate you too for being industrious and for the job well done. 

For the readers and followers of this blog and my Facebook page, thanks for joining me in my journey. 


  1. hmmmnnnn.... congratulations... glad to know that you're happy... asawa na lang marse..... hihihi... live you and I miss you!

    1. Masaya din cguro may asawa...But since wala naman, i have to enjoy every moment na lang as single and love myself more :-) can't wait to see you mare, available ka ba this sunday evening?


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