Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Technology Dependence

Have you experience spending a day or two, or perhaps a weekend, without an internet connection, cellular network, and electricity?  Don't you just feel so uneasy? Someone could be contacting you any moment. It could be your job or a business opportunity that is trying to reach you out while you are out in a far-flung location unreachable even by radio station and civilization. If you've experienced that, you'll realize the value of technology even the simplest like a can opener.

We are technology-dependent generation. We use technology for our business, jobs, communication, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment. Many of the things that we need in a day-to-day basis were non-existent centuries ago yet people survive. Now, spending a day without a cellular network feels like the end of the world. That is so true especially if you are a virtual assistant or  freelancer whose work or business depend so much on the internet. 

So, where does this thought came from? Last weekend, I got a slight opportunity to wander in an off the beaten path. It was a sudden deviation from my usual work schedule and routine. I was expecting an earlier return to home unfortunately, that didn't materialize.

As virtual assistant and independent contractor, our laptops and internet connection is not just important--it is our life. So, when that dreaded thing has to happen, better be prepared than spending the entire day or days worrying. Before leaving your workplace or civilization, make sure you've done these things:
  • Submit your report earlier and work in advance.  If you think that you won't be able to work during the trip, better submit your report/s ahead and work over-time prior to the trip. If you typically work 8 hours per day, then you have to extend more hours to cover the hours you need to make for the entire week.
  • Inform you employers or clients.  If you think you'll be gone for an extended time, let them know you'll be out of reach and you can resume business when you return.
  • Redirect your calls to your assistant or to your voice mail.
  • Set a vacation responder or automated reply to your emails.

To give you an idea to where I've been, here is a photo of that lovely scenery and technology forsaken place. It is the only place in the Philippines that I know where pine trees grew naturally and abundantly near the seashore. Thanks to the lahar caused by 1991 Pinatubo eruption that makes the ground fertile.


  1. Replies
    1. That was taken in Anawangin. We stayed over-night in Nagsasa. I love the place :-)

    2. Havent heard of anyone not loving it.. its really a good place to unwind and just bum around :)

    3. People who are not fond of places without electricity and mobile network signal wouldn't attempt to go there in the first place :-) Pero pag nature lover ka and enjoys rustic and peaceful place, this place is a paradise. Some people would rather go to bora....


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