Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Technology Dependence

Have you experience spending a day or two, or perhaps a weekend, without an internet connection, cellular network, and electricity?  Don't you just feel so uneasy? Someone could be contacting you any moment. It could be your job or a business opportunity that is trying to reach you out while you are out in a far-flung location unreachable even by radio station and civilization. If you've experienced that, you'll realize the value of technology even the simplest like a can opener.

We are technology-dependent generation. We use technology for our business, jobs, communication, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment. Many of the things that we need in a day-to-day basis were non-existent centuries ago yet people survive. Now, spending a day without a cellular network feels like the end of the world. That is so true especially if you are a virtual assistant or  freelancer whose work or business depend so much on the internet. 

So, where does this thought came from? Last weekend, I got a slight opportunity to wander in an off the beaten path. It was a sudden deviation from my usual work schedule and routine. I was expecting an earlier return to home unfortunately, that didn't materialize.

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