Sunday, January 27, 2013

Learning Time Management Part II: Learning To Say No

Time management is goal-setting in a day-to-day basis. It's a basic skill that every working adults should practice yet most of us fail to do.

In my quest of easing my issues with managing time, I tried to seek help from well-known authors and mentors. I get acquainted with several free resources I downloaded from 4shared and videos from Youtube.

One of the videos I've watched was an inspiring commencement speech by Neil Gaiman University of the Arts Class. He shared his experience as a writer and a freelancer. Though it was a speech of personal success, a motivation to use the creative mind, he mentioned something about responding to emails, which is certainly something we can personally relate to. Gaiman said: " There was a day when I looked up and realised that I had become someone who professionally replied to email, and who wrote as a hobby. I started answering fewer emails, and was relieved to find I was writing much more."

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Learning Time Management - Part I

Time management is a valuable skill that every freelancer and career-oriented person should learn. We probably know the concept but it takes a lot of effort to implement it and to consistently make it work.

Since mid-October, I've been relentlessly pounding my fingers on the keyboard, straining my eyes in front of the computer, and suffering from less sleep and almost no social and love life. I have to work 50-60 hours every week for a couple of online projects and, at the same time, work on some business. Came the holiday, which kind of slowed me down a bit; hence, I have to come back with a vengeance to make up for the losses. I am pretty sure that freelancers reading this post can relate to what I am saying.

When you are a freelancer and typically work on a per-hour projects, you can't avoid putting a dollar value of your hours. Every idle time, is a time wasted. 

Time management made me survive. With my background in production planning and in sales, I somehow know how to write my activities for the day. Yeah, somehow...because honestly, I am not pretty good at it. 

Typically, what I do is write my activities for the next day and the hours I need to spend for each of those activities. Here comes the problem. Comes the next day, I receive some surprise phone calls, email inquiry or some friendly message. Depending on my personal assessment on its urgency, I may answer back immediately but sometimes I need to get back to them. However, there are times that accommodating some of those emails or other unplanned activities can take more of my time. And before I knew it, it has taken a lot of my energy and hours. With this scenario, I know that what I really need to learn is to prioritize my activities and let go of the distractions. And that may mean turning off the phone and setting a schedule for reading and responding to emails.

This post is a sort of an introduction. In the second part about Learning Time Management Skill, I will be sharing to you what I've learned from my experience and the best practices and advice from well-known authors and public figures.

Til the next.

Friday, January 4, 2013

To The Readers and Followers of Soliloquy:

Thank you for being part of my 2012. Join me for another productive and exciting journey this 2013.

It was an amazing journey--it was a year of de-cluttering, rearranging and prioritizing. I am glad to say that after years of blogging, it was only in 2012 that it reached PR2 and a Global reach of 0.000014%. Hmm, not bad really.
The year didn't went easy for my career and my personal life. In fact, it was filled with challenges, which was actually a good thing. When you are challenged that is where you find the strength and the courage you never thought you have. And you see the beauty of it all when you feel victorious after surpassing a difficult feat. It's the experience and the lesson that should make us feel victorious; the outcome is just the icing of the cake.

Let's have a positive outlook and a kick-ass attitude. Most of the time, its the attitude that helps us survive and even bring us where we wanted to be.

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