Sunday, October 28, 2012

Freelancing Dilemma

Let me be upfront, freelancing is not for people who wants guaranteed salary. It is not for people who finds security in having health insurance and other perks offered as benefits by companies.

In a letter published in The Guardian, a freelancer expressed how she become increasingly worn out because of the nature of the business, which requires endless application, the requirement of being flexible all the time, and the little separation between work and home. She longs in working in a team and being part of an organization.

In response, Jeremy Bullmore advised: "I think you feel trapped and tired. I think you need not so much a new job, as a new way of doing your existing job. Relieved of some of the loneliness and administrative burden, I believe you'd soon regain your appetite for work that, even now, you know you can not only do well, but greatly enjoy."  I don't entirely agree on Jeremy, I'm sorry. I always believe that freelancing simply isn't for everybody. Just like, everybody can't be a doctor. Freelancing simply doesn't work out for some people. You may read the entire letter and Jeremy's response in Dear Jeremy – your work issues solved.

If you are a freelancer and you are having some dilemma whether to continue the career or work in an office, freelancing may not be the path for you. I suggest to weigh things, know your priorities and know what makes you happy. If you are happy with what you do, you won't be having that dilemma.

If you have read my post on Read the Mind of an Independent Contractor, I shared some of my insights about this business and also posted the infographics from Mashable that shows the many things that occupies the mind of a freelancer. People who are new to this business (who are a freelancer for a year) are more likely of looking for permanent employment than those who who've spent years in freelancing.

Most of us are wired since our childhood to work as full-time employee in a company after our graduation. We believe that working in an office secures our future, which isn't really the case for everybody. Hence, working as independent contractor or as an entrepreneur makes it challenging because it is like going against what we were taught to do.

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