Monday, October 8, 2012

Freelancing Business Requires Self-Discipline

Earlier today, I've posted this quote in my Facebook page by ‎Sir Alexander Paterson:
‎"The secret of discipline is motivation. When a man is sufficiently motivated, discipline will take care of itself."

I've never taken discipline seriously until I've become a full-fledged freelancer. I am not saying that I don't have self-discipline before that. However, because of the nature of my business now, I've become more aware of how I use my time and other resources including electricity.

The saying talks about two intangible human virtues: discipline and motivation. A person can be disciplined but not motivated. This made me think of working in an office where you come to work on time and perform your job function. Nevertheless, you are doing things without your heart to it because you are not motivated.

When you have the passion on what you do and you have the drive for excellence, that is a manifestation of motivation. The goal could be material in nature or simply a sense of fulfillment.

In the freelancing business, self-discipline is a must. You have to fight against so many distractions especially when you are working home-based. To name a few--the television, social networking, cellphones and household chores. It is really different when you are working without a boss. You tend to be less conscious about everything knowing that you have the liberty,

When you are motivated to provide quality service or present your deliverable that meet or exceed the expectation of your clients, you won't be so much concern about self-discipline because it will happen inevitably. 

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