Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trust Your Gut Feeling: Spotting A Fraud Or Delinquent Client

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Call it gut-feeling, intuition or instinct, you got to trust on it especially in our kind of business. As freelancers or independent contractors, we need to hone this skill of "knowing" to spot a potential scammer or delinquent client/employer.

I came across this post: One the best things a freelancer or sole trader can posses is sharp senses that made me realize how stupid I once was. I have to admit it, I was lured and victimized by a notorious client who left a project with all the freelancers unpaid. I won't be divulging the details of the project nor the company (it looks like a big company and a subsidiary of a much bigger company). It is very unfortunate that I had to work with an employer with terrible business practice. I filed a complaint through oDesk, whose staff were very helpful. But I guess, I should be taking matters into my own hands now. I'll give one more push before I totally rest this case.

Always remember that as freelancers, we choose whom to work with. We have the liberty to say NO to a project or a job.

Be wary of these type of clients:

  • who refused to pay a 50% escrow or upfront payment
  • who keeps changing his or her instructions
  • who doesn't communicate often

Before starting any project make sure to be clear with your terms. If a client is really serious of getting your service, he/she will agree with your terms. If not, then move on. 

If a client is offering you a job that is too good to be true, follow your instinct--it's not true.

What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to comment or share your experience. Thank you!

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