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Winning a Job: Writing a Freelance Job Proposal in 5 Easy Steps

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I've been writing proposals to clients for dozens of times. Perhaps, out of familiarity of the task, I  unintentionally ignored certain things that are valuable to writing freelance proposal, which is definitely unforgivable. Just earlier today, after I hit send, I realized that I haven't included the time frame of getting the job done in my proposal.

As freelancers, writing our proposal is the first and crucial step of showing our prospect clients that we are the right person for the job. It is therefore necessary that your proposal should be comprehensive enough so your client would understand how you plan on doing the job. It should also be concise, straightforward and convincing.

How exactly do we do this?

1.  Introduction
Briefly explain the job you will be doing and the specific requirements of the client. Make sure that you have read the job description from top to bottom. Some clients request freelancers to include certain phrase or statements to make sure that they understand and have read the entire post.

2.  Estimated time, cost and strategies
Put the estimated time for you to complete the job. Include the resources or strategies in doing the task. Indicate the cost of your service and the payment terms, when necessary.

3.  Your qualifications for the job
Relate the job to your skills and qualification. Explain how you are suitable to do the task.

4.  Discuss relevant work Experience and show-off your portfolio
Concisely include your work experience and accomplishments. And present your portfolio.

5.  Conclusion
Conclude your proposal with a quick summary on why the client should choose you. Express your interest for an interview via email or phone should the client has questions about your qualifications.

The above-mentioned should be in your proposal every time you apply for a freelance job.

Is there anything you wish to add? Do you wish to share your formula in writing a freelance job proposal? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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