Friday, July 13, 2012

Speed Up Sales Conversion With Hubspot Inbound Marketing Software

200x200 Marketing EvaluationObjection or outright rejection is very common for sales people. I can attest to that because I used to work in a sales company. I do cold calling and email blast. Sometimes it works but a lot of times those prospect clients would shrug me off even before I could do my sales pitch.

Cold calling, email blast, print ads, TV ads, and trade shows --these are forms of outbound marketing. These traditional marketing strategies are becoming less effective as people are becoming more and more dependent on the internet technology for their shopping, researching, networking/socializing, and other tasks.   Many people see outbound marketing as intrusive. In fact, in 2010, 200 Million Americans was said to have registered on the Federal Trade Commission's "Do Not Call" list.

Internet has revolutionize how people do business. Hence, marketing has to adapt to the changes. This is where Hubspot comes in.

Hubspot is the pioneer in inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is defined as marketing that focused on getting found by customers rather than companies finding their customers. This marketing method involves the use of videos, blogs, ebooks, SEO, webinars and RSS or feeds.

Never underestimate the power of inbound marketing. In Hubspot's blog post Inbound Marketing & the Next Phase of Marketing on the Web it cited Gary Vaynerchuk as a testimony of video blogging success. Vaynerchuk turned New Jersey liquor store into a $50-million-a-year business in just the span of 2 years.

With inbound marketing, you:
  • Spend less or even for free. It's free to set up accounts in Facebook and Twitter.
  • Target your customers. Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing makes content or information of your products, services or company available to people who are actually seeking for it. They initiate the interest to do business with you.
  • Invest. You invest in creating and putting your quality content in the web.
  • Speed up sales conversion. Customers who are coming to you express their intent to do business with your company. It is more easy to convert these leads into sales.

Here is good presentation that justify the need for companies to change their marketing strategy:

To help out companies understand more about inbound marketing, Hubspot provides free marketing webinar and workshop. Don't miss this opportunity, register now. 

Below are the links of the learning resources that Hubspot offers for free. I've actually posted that in the side bar of this blog and you'll be seeing that indefinitely as long as Hubspot is still offering them.

You see, with technology, opportunities can be limitless but you need to invest time to learn so you can create or let these opportunities come to you.


  1. Inbound marketing sure sounds like it's way better than the Outbound marketing. The fact that outbound marketing can be a miss proposition is really not good

    1. True! Outbound marketing can also be expensive too with a hit-miss probability of reaching out the prospects.


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