Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Acquires Canada's Scriptlance

The acquisition of Scriptlance this month makes as the world's largest freelance marketplace with over 4 million enterprise and professional users, which Freelancer proudly says it's more than twice the user base compared to its nearest competitor. This development means a wider pool of freelance talents for employers and more projects or opportunities for freelancers.

Before the acquisition, Scriptlance had 360,000 enterprises and professional users that made it as Canada's largest freelance marketplace and the fifth largest in the world. Over 600,000 online projects have been posted from 244 countries. (source: acquires world's fifth largest freelance marketplace, rockets to over 4 million enterprise and professional users). wouldn't be just getting all of that, it has also taking over Scriptlance's crowdfunding platform and will be integrated to its crowdfunding business.

In a statement, CEO Matt Barrie said, "We are tremendously excited to acquire Scriptlance, which is truly one of the great trailblazers and most widely recognised brands in the online outsourcing industry."

Toronto-headquartered Scriptlance was among the pioneers of the online outsourcing industry. Its founder and CEO René Trescases expressed its excitement in the press release, "We're thrilled to be joining forces with the global leader in the space. Selling to Freelancer made a lot of sense for us- they have the number one brand and the best scale and geographic reach of anyone in the industry."

For freelancers in Scriptlance, guarantees a smooth transition. According to, the process of moving to the Freelancer platform will commence immediately to minimize disruption. For freelancers with accounts in both websites, accounts will be merged and they can continue working without disruption.

TechCrunch reported that this acquisition adds to the list of web properties now owned by include GetAFreelancer (Sweden); LimeExchange (United States); (United Kingdom); Booking Center (Germany); (Australia) and Freelancer Hong Kong (China), as well as the virtual content marketplace (United States) and the Webmaster Talk (United States) forums.


  1. I used freelancer for a while before I realized there are sites with much better interfaces and lower fees. One of the best I’ve used is but there are others out there too.

    1. Yes, there are indeed a lot of promising websites out there for freelancers. We just need to look for it or get info from other freelancers. Thanks for sharing your site.


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