Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Odesk's Time Tracking Capability

Independent contractors in Odesk can choose between hourly jobs and fixed-price jobs. Hourly job offers more advantages. Time tracking and billing is automated, and it has guaranteed payment. The contractors are assured that they will be paid for the job.

Now, I just wanted to cover Odesk's time tracking capability because I have couple of friends who are asking me how it works. This information is also important for employers who are thinking of contracting services via Odesk.

Odesk requires freelancers or independent contractors to download the team application. The application records the contractor's activity (mouse clicks and key strokes), takes a screenshot of the monitor, track the active application running, the description of work, and camera images (if enabled). Contractors can actually turn off the application anytime allowing them to work at their own time and pace, as long as they reach the employer's requirement for the week.

I intentionally blurred the images below to protect the identity of the contractors.

Odesk team application

The work diary provides the detailed summary of the work. If for some reason the screenshot captures certain images that you do not want to include in the work diary, contractors can delete that screenshot.

Work diary sample

If you want to learn more on how it works, feel free to visit Odesk. Just click the Odesk ad below.


  1. Nice post, caryl. I think, this post help all the freelancer.
    I have some informative tips for odesk. You can Read Here

    1. Hi! Thanks for the visit! I've checked your blog. It's great that you have shared important tips and guide for freelancers.

    2. Help! How do I turn the automatic time tracker off?

    3. Go to tools and check your setting/preferences. If you have technical problems, you can contact oDesk.

  2. odesks seems to be a quite fine time tracking software that has been strategically defined for a better time tracking and management. I look ahead for a better end result for a long time I use the tool I guess.

  3. Hello! I'm considering buying a time tracker for my freelance work. I wonder between TimeCamp and Odesk. Which one is better? Please help!


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