Friday, June 29, 2012

Contractors' Pricing War

While browsing some online projects today, I felt bad against those employers who set a very low price on their projects. And I felt a lot worse against those contractors who bid so low just to win it.

In my previous blog post: From Caryl's Desk: My Thoughts on Freelancing, I mentioned about the pricing war among freelancers, which I believe is inherent in globalization.

I do understand the need for jobs but I wish contractors wouldn't lower their standards. I don't understand why contractors would bid for a job that cost $1 per hour, to think that they would spending on electricity, time, and effort--is $1 truly worth? I mean, hey that is simply not just. $1 is around Php42. You can definitely buy one kilo of rice, but that price is completely absurd! The only thing I can do is shake my head in disbelief and rant about it. I wish contractors wouldn't devalue themselves that much.

Elance and PeoplePerHour are the two job marketplace for freelancers that set pricing benchmark. And that I think is a smart way of controlling the price bid among contractors. 


  1. Due to increasing unemployment many want people to start freelance work that’s why beginner freelancer don’t have experience that how much bid for project so they always try to get project and biding low price and employer get benefit from them.


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  2. I perfectly understand that and I do sympathize with the freelancers because I've been through that. What irritates me most is the fact that some employers tend to take advantage of the situation. As how I see it, some employers don't give fair price. And freelancers are forced to lower their rates just to get a job.


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