Friday, May 18, 2012

SlimKicker Your Way To A Healthier And Better You

"Successful people are simply those with successful habits." ~ Brian Tracy

True enough, to be successful in our mini goals and to be successful in life as a whole, we must have the winning attitude and possess the habits that could take us to where we want to be. The same principle applies to our health. 

SlimKicker aims to help us form good habits to improve our health.

What is SlimKicker?

SlimKicker is an interesting "level-up game and point-based program". The idea is to make healthy diet and exercise enjoyable as members get to receive points and rewards for achieving goals. You also get to socialize as SlimKicker connects you to like-minded people.

SlimKicker's website lets you to track what you eat and you can see the nutritional value of those food intake. I log my food today; guess what I've found out? I've exceeded my daily carbs and sugar limit! Whew! I barely even noticed I've eaten that much.

I really love the whole idea. I did signed up and started tracking my food. Too bad, I am not able to log in regularly. But honestly I've been conscious on what I am eating. In fact I forgo drinking soda and easy-to-drink juices and replaced it with tea. I've been eating muesli and I've been trying to eat veggies too. Exercise is still a work in-progress though.

SlimKicker allows you to record your routines or exercises for the day. It will then provide you with a graph showing the calories you've burned.  And to make it more fun and exciting, you can join some of the weight loss and fitness challenges. Some challenges sounds easy like the "Move during commercials" which requires you to move instead of staying seated on the coach during TV commercial breaks. Other challenges require willpower. The "30 day Cravings Challenge", for instance, requires you to walk every time that craving sets in. That is truly hard.

Other helpful resources

The blog is a helpful resource. I've read great posts. Sometimes, that's the only thing I do when I open the site: read some blog posts.

If you are bored with your meal, SlimKicker offers some delicious but healthy recipes. This will help you plan your next meal. The nutritional information is shown in each recipes. I need to try some of those very soon,

I find SlimKicker a valuable tool for individuals who wanted to achieve a healthier and better versions of themselves--like me! When Christine Cho introduced this to me in November 2011, I was all ears. This totally got me. 

For those who've been reading and following my blog posts, I've been very transparent on my struggle with cravings and my health. I am not really sickly, but for the past 7 years, I've gained more than 30 pounds.  It is alarming. I know I really have to do something. Believe me, I tried going to the gym. I tried dieting. It didn't work because I always go back to my old habit.  When I resigned from my previous employment, which I worked graveyard for almost 7 years, I relinquished one big unhealthy habit. Imagine yourself working at night while the rest of the country is sleeping. It took a toll in my body. I suffered on and off tonsillopharyngitis and I was insomniac. Now, it is history. I am facing new sets of challenges in my life.

That's me wearing a cap in 2004.

This is me in 2005 weighing 105 lbs, a bit heavier already. But this is the weight that I wish to achieve.  (I've posted this in my older blog post.)

Taken around 2010, 25 lbs heavier me.
Hiding my bulges with the bag. This was taken in 2011, 30 lbs heavier

This is me now, taken May 12, trying to look pretty despite of all the flabs.

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