Thursday, October 13, 2011

Event Search Tools

In a project that requires me to search for events or gatherings—may it be a social gatherings, networkings, conferences, seminars, conventions, tradeshows, expos—in a regional or statewide and national level (in US), I consult Google. Google directs my path. While many of the events are searchable, a lot of them are inundated by the many search results. Or did I just typed in the wrong keywords?

I also found some sites that have helped me a lot. Most of these sites do not only lists events in US, but also events in other parts of the globe.


  • Upcoming -  It lists different types of events including classes, meetings, and conferences from different industries 
  • Meetup - a popular website to look for local or regional meetups or gatherings
  • Eventful - This site doesn't only lists concerts, festivals, sports, and recreational activities, but it includes conferences and tradeshows.
  • Confabb - a resource for tradeshows and conferences worldwide
  • My Event Guru - a resource for professional and networking events
  • Trade Chakra - lists tradeshows and events not only in US, but internationally
  • All Conferences - a global conference directory
  • Trade Show - free press releases of events from different industries and countries
  • - a global list of conferences and exhibitions
  • Conference Hound - let you browse conferences per industries, cities, venues, and organizers 
  • biz trade shows - its a worldwide directory of tradeshows or exhibitions
  • Eventbrite - (how could I ever forget this) it doesn't only sell tickets online but its a great resource for regional and national events in different industries

National events like conferences or big gatherings like  expositions need to be marketed properly, it has to be searchable and its complete info must be available somewhere. The websites I enumerated above are just few of the helpful tools that I use for my search. If there is something you wish to add, please let me know. It is going to help me too.

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