Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Benefits of Social Networking for Businesses

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Social networking is extremely valuable to many people not only for personal reasons but for business purposes as well. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Google+ are some of the popular social networking sites we have right now.  The benefits of social networking for business can not be underestimated as it becomes a crucial component to business.

According to a study, the people using social networking sites have almost doubled in number since 2008 and the age of the population has gotten older.  The business community sees that as an opportunity. Since more and more people are now spending a lot of their time in social networking, businesses are embracing the media so they can be at the place where their target audiences are.

Some of the benefits that businesses enjoy from using social networking are as follows:

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  • Online presence and branding – Creating a business profile in social networking sites allows people to see your brand online and create awareness that your business exist.
  • Customer service and engagement– Social networking provides a channel for business to interact with their customers, know their feedback about their products or services and provide answer to their queries and assists them with their concern. It gives company a platform to be creative in using different social media tools to engage their customers and gain their loyalty to the business.
  • Generating leads – Social networking sites help companies find new customers and create a meaningful connection.
  • Managing online reputation – Your presence in social networking allows you to see what other people are saying about your brand. It also gives you the platform to influence your target audience and build your credibility.
  • Educational asset – Information is free-flowing in social media. Business can get information about their social network, employees, other brands and even their competition. Information can be used to the company’s advantage.

These are just some of the benefits. For those who have used the media in their business operation, they can pretty much enumerate the importance of social networking and the advantages they get from using it.

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