Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Social Media Footprint

Companies, whether an SMB or a large corporation, entrepreneurs and marketers are finding ways on how to reach their target audience. With the undeniable popularity and growing importance of social media, not only in the personal level but in the business aspect, companies are seeking ways in integrating Web 2.0 in their business operation.

I never put attention to this matter until I had a writing project about social networking. I never realized that the emergence of social networking has indeed revolutionize many things, from the way we connect with our friends and reach people from other parts of the globe to the way we do business. For me, it was just simply checking updates from my network and expressing myself and sharing quotes, photos and videos.

Web 2.0, as far as my understanding goes (I am not that techy though. And I don't declare myself as a social media expert, but I am an advocate of it.), refers to the internet applications that makes sharing, collaboration and communication easier. This includes social networking, video sharing, wikis and blogs, mashups and among others.

Why do we need to create a social media footprint? In the business perspective, this is making our information available in an environment where our target audience are. Imagine how many millions of people are visiting the social media giants that we come to adore so much. Facebook alone has 750 million users with almost half of that population visit the site in any given day.

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