Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More About Cloud Technology

What is there not to like about the Cloud Technology? None.  It is not a fad.  It is technology at its best, and it is going to change the way we live. Whether you are running a business or you are simply doing personal stuff, the cloud allows easy access to remote data. Imagine to have the information or the files that you need in a few clicks of your finger tips.

Google Docs is one of the most helpful tools there is especially to small business owners.  You can share files easily and modification is real-time, no need to send documents back and forth. What is good about it? It is free.

Small businesses may also benefit from these programs (source:

  • Dropbox It allows you to store and sync folders with multiple users. It’s the perfect solution for a small business that doesn’t have their own server or wants to share large files without sending it through email. 
  • MobileMe -  A great tool for small businesses who use Apple products. It allows users to sync email, calendars and contacts. If a user’s iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad has been misplaced or stolen it is possible to track it through the software. 
  • Windows Live SkyDrive -  Microsoft’s version of software programs allowing the user to upload and share files. Documents can be uploaded, created, edited and shared through this system which includes versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Files can be kept private, shared with contacts or shared publicly. Users can subscribe to RSS feeds of the content stored in public folders. It is free for up to 25GB.
It is our choice if we leverage on technology with the way we do our daily tasks, our work or how we run our businesses.

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